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We are academic, commercial and military individuals who study, develop and teach better ways of understanding. We think about thinking – how to improve the way we view the world and mitigate personal and group biases. This site is our launch pad for distributing lessons, methods, techniques and training exercises to help ourselves and others get better at what we do.

The Think Smart Series

The body of knowledge is so vast that we can easily be overwhelmed trying to sift through it all. Noticing our biases and prejudices while doing so can be hard, let alone overcoming them! Our ‘Smart Bites’ collection identifies some of our thinking flaws and helps us deal with them.

Why Nothing is Important

How should we look at the empty spaces in our datasets? Lack of evidence is not evidence of lack. Except when it is. 

Men are Tall, Women are Short

Men are taller than women but not all men are taller than all women. Unpicking ambiguity and the biases they introduce.

Women Can't Park

We tend to find, favour and recall what confirms our beliefs and ignore, reject, or forget what contradicts them. What can we do to reduce our confirmation bias? 

Creative Intelligence

We produce a range of creative and interactive intellienge exercises. From battlefield intelligence to cyber security; our teaching methods have been reviewed and tested by local experts to ensure reliable and high quality understanding. 


It Never Snows on a Bridge too far

It Never Snows on a Bridge too Far

This multiplayer, collaborative intelligence exercise is based on the real-world events leading up to the ‘Battle of Arnhem’ in Northern Europe in 1944. Participants’ information handling, scenario assessment and collaboration skills are tested under time pressure and cognitive overload. Teams must work together to sift through past reports, reference material and updates to work out the threats to the attacking forces.

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A collaborative, educational, cyber-security board game where players must defend against attacks at various stages of the ‘kill chain’ to keep a factory running. Evil hackers lie in wait to attack the business, and only constant vigilance by the players prevent employees from introducing vulnerabilities, spreading viruses and otherwise shooting their own organisation in the foot.


Flooding Aid

Flooding Aid

This practice ‘Planning Exercise’ is an example of ‘re-skinning’ a planning exercise (in this case the British Army Officer Selection Board’s ‘Winter Aid’) in order to use it again in a form that will look unfamiliar to any except those that have directly used the original. There is no ‘right’ solution, but there are many that have worse outcomes than others. Players are to find not-bad answers and show how their reasoning evolved as a vehicle for discussing how trade-offs are identified and assessed. Approx 1 hour as a small team or individual.




Another unwinnable scenario, but with many very-wrong answers! Used to assess a small team’s communication and decision making skills under cognitive strain and time restraints.

Join the Tactical Intelligence Studies Group

We focus on the tactical rather than strategic; what can we conclude from data that is drawn directly from the world, rather than high-level socially constructed theories formed from other high-level theories. We are academics, engineers, managers and military analysts who look for better ways to find and deliver “the right information to the right people in the right time and the right form” – for various meanings of ‘right’. Read more here.

Research Papers

The Lancaster Space Gun

This white paper considers the outline feasibility of a ground-based gun that delivers sufficient muzzle velocity to its ammunition for it to reach at least low earth orbit. The paper identifies and answers ‘edge’ case questions that will help to bound and test the feasibility.

Searching The Body of Knowledge

How do you know what information is out there? How to access it? How do you evaluate relevance and quality of sources? The SBOK project is a collection of papers surveying literature review typology to identify rigorous search approaches.

Determining the Route of Trace Elements Through Inter-connected Systems

The existence of certain chemicals within a system can provide useful indications of other potentially dangerous pollutants. In this paper our partner site, Unusual Systems ltd, model the routes and concentrations of trace elements through interconnected systems.

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We are a group of academic, commercial and military individuals. For more infromation, vistit out ‘meet the team’ page.

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Creative Intelligence

We produce a range of creative and interactive intellienge exercises. From battlefield intelligence to cyber security; our teaching methods have been reviewed and tested by local experts to ensure reliable and high quality understanding. 

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