It never snows
on a bridge too far

an intelligence Training exercise

Improve Your Teams

Knowledge4Strength are pleased to present the training pack ‘It Never Snows on a Bridge Too Far.’ 

This multiplayer, collaborative intelligence exercise is based on the real-world events leading up to the great ‘Battle of Arnhem’ in Norther Europe in 1944.

Participants’ information handling, scenario assessment and collaboration skills are tested under time pressure and cognitive overload. Teams must work together to sift through past reports, reference material and updates to work out the threats to the attacking forces.

Thoroughly researched from both German and UK sources, the exercise includes a few surprising twists that provide memorable learning points

Learning Goals include:

  • Applying Structured Analytical Techniques
  • Effectively Managing Information
  • Improving Team communication
  • Identifying and mitigating biases, both individual and group

The exercise has been proved in both military and civilian environments, and is suitable for training both military and civilian teams.







assorted Reports


military intelligence exercise

Fascinating, even with a hangover!”

Sergeant M, 7MI

How To Play

The team is initially presented with abundant information: reports, rumours, photographs, maps and  reference materials. Not only must the team manage and organise the clutter, they must question each source’s relevance, importance and reliability.

Additional updates are issued in frequent, irregular intervals, keeping the game fast-paced and the players under constant, building pressure. The exercise aim is to identify military threats: “What is the enemy doing and why?”, but the overall learning objectives are to improve collaboration behaviours, processes and analytical techniques. 

Rich Material Set