Tactical Intelligence
Online Conference

Call for presentations & papers:

To kick start collaborators on our Tactical Intelligence Studies Group we intend to hold a virtual seminar on ‘Improving intelligence at the sharp end’.

Topic might include:

  • Measuring effectiveness of ‘structured analytic techniques’
  • Tools used – and discarded
  • Lessons learned – and unlearned
  • Joining domains:  including the Cyber Situation in the Intelligence Picture
  • Transferring Knowledge between domains: what can the military learn from the police?
  • Teaching better thinking
  • Explaining complex situations
  • Stories from the frontline

…and so on, suggestions welcome.

Who is going?

The conference is aimed at military, academic, cyber, engineering and journalist staff, although anyone who has a deep interest in everyday intelligence, critical thinking and understanding the real world is welcome.

Why you should attend

We are all busy – sometimes too to busy to spend time getting better at what we do. Here you will have a chance to hear about recent developments, find out who works in related areas, and pick up some tips to help you become faster, more accurate and more effective.

We expect you to leave the session with new knowledge, new contacts, and – hopefully – some new ways of thinking.

When, where, how?

As they are finalised, event dates, schedules and virtual locations will be posted here and in the Tactical Informer (do subscribe!)